Energy-Efficient Street Lighting System
controlled by CCTV Cameras with Data Transfer
& Communication via Power Line

Lesss is an intelligent control system of exterior lighting, depending on the HD cameras, detecting presence of people near the lighthouse, or other outdoor lighting. Where, in the vicinity of the lighthouse will be a man (pedestrian, cyclist) lighting system is working at full capacity (100% light output). However, when in the vicinity of the lighting system, no persons or vehicles, the system reduces the light output and energy consumption to 10% of the nominal value. The system consists of the HD cameras with advanced image analysis, which enable the classification of objects (animal, human, cyclist, passenger car, truck, etc.). Cameras in the system serve two roles. On the one hand they are responsible for detecting and signal transmission control module house located in luminaries, on the other hand, are responsible for recording video in HD quality to enhance the level of security. The whole solution is based on the existing cable infrastructure. With this solution, system practically does not involve any cable infrastructure upgrading of existing lighting systems and in the case of new cabling costs are comparable to the costs of installing traditional lighting systems.


In September 2014 for Spectra Lighting Sp. z.o.o. We have built-in Smart Lighting Parking System with Intelligent CCVT. Annual results have shown energy savings of 73% with regard to old sodium lap lighting fixture.


For PLK S.A, we built a pilot installation of the lesss system at one of the small railway stations. Additional functionality of our system has shown information in the form of important statistics. Monthly analysis showed a score of 500 visitors to the station in one week.

SkatePark Legnica

At the Skate Park in LEGNICA city, we have built an installation of our system. Our solution was set up on an existing installation of 8 lighting columns. The modification is based on 3 lanterns with master module and IP camera and 5 slave modules.In addition, we replaced the old halogen meteor lamps, with new 300 watt LED floodlights. All system built autonomously in swarn intelligence mode without the need for aditional surveillance system. CCTV cameras are integrated with existing urban monitoring server

Bulwary Pomost 511

For the Capital City of Warsaw, we have built a bicycle path with a length of 140 m. The implementation is based on the intelligent system lesss and LOVE lighting fixtures from Spectra Lighting. The entire investment is an activity promoting solutions from the Participatory budget, which is run on the initiative of the residents of the City.


Pilot installation in Brzeg is the first implemented action in the field of IoT for Tauron in Poland. The project based on the existing city park infrastructure made it possible to build a solution within 2 days. Telf luminaires from Spectra Lighting were used for implementation.

Park Kombatantów

Project of 56 lighting points in Kołobrzeg we have built with our partners Pracownia Elektryczna Mariusz Świder and Spectra Lighting. The system is divided into two parts. Park Kombatantów consists of 26 lighting points including 12 cameras and Pioneers Square consist 30 lighting points managed by 13 cameras.


For our partner PGNiG S.A. we have built a pilot route at its headquarters in Warsaw (Kasprzaka 25). Solution architecture contain 8 lighting points and 4 IP cameras. Predictions for energy savings are at 70% level per annum. For this project we used Telf LED luminaires of our partner Spectra Lighting.

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